This was a 00.00 win on a QuickHit machine hitting triple 7′s with a Wild with a max 15$ bet. The spin was stopped manually!
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  1. Steve Crowley says:

    WE NEED HELP! The President of the Isle Of Capri Corporation was contacted? about backlinks to Dead Craps Player Society: a website offering support for abused gamblers that are translated to mean Drug Enforcement Agency: Insert Needle In Neck! Needles were left for him in a 15 month bout with casino agent abuse into homelessness. He was assaulted by a laser sighted gunman! These assholes even gloat over the assault at the crime scene & even advertise SHARPSHOOTERS. Please vote comment up!

  2. Dick Hertz says:

    L O? S E R

  3. Dick Hertz says:

    I think its? funny you stupid hoser canuck

  4. jimmiedeloachjr says:


  5. andresestrada90 says:

    This videos make me want to? go to the casino

  6. BackEddy29 says:

    Its a terrible feeling when you have the cash in your pocket and it all goes in before you leave. I hear you and its not a good feeling. The worst of it is, chasing those losses. Always? gets you in the end.

  7. gamlin69 says:

    I feel your pain brother. I won 12k and 8k gambling online in one week, started with $300 and $200 respectively, gave $15k? or so back the next week. Biggest hit at a casino was $3200. I killed it last week, played at the local bar, $200 to start, won $800, took $200 casino next day, won $2700. Gave NONE back and rented a luxury chalet for the week. Just got home. We gotta quit!!! :D

  8. DorkVader26 says:

    I tried a $1 Quick Hit last night.. It made a very quick hit to my wallet. Fortunately it was? on the casinos money i had a winning night last night.

  9. 194919671982 says:

    Yea, I’m addicted too. Actually, most of the people that take the time to watch these things on YouTube are addicted. But I really appreciate you and everyone else putting them here because it? relieves my addiction and helps keep me out of the casino.

  10. BackEddy29 says:

    1000$ in refundable tax as I am Canadian, and with a couple other wins I walked out with 3500$. I put it back in? in Vegas a few weeks later. So didnt win anything. I am addicted.

  11. yrusonoitall says:

    Minus? the the $ it took to get to the 3k win, plus how much in taxes did you end up having pay? So after all that is said & done what did you really end up walking out with?

  12. Brigita0803 says:

    so many people think the same. You need to find an awesome casio. This? one rocks, best I’ve found. I banked a ton with these guys. Sign up here
    ==> bit.ly/PVOHBI?=ejjtnt

  13. ScrewedByP says:

    i didnt knew black guys? were allowed in us casinos?

  14. BackEddy29 says:

    I? can’t because I am addicted. Sadly.

  15. 1000hightower says:

    win big leave instantly?

  16. DorkVader26 says:

    Done that numerous times. But it used to be worth it because occasionally? I’d continue to win and walk out with a few thousand dollars. Not anymore you either win 200+ instantly or lose your bankroll instantly. No middle ground.

  17. BackEddy29 says:

    That’s a smart thing to do.? Most addicted gamblers cant do it, and it all goes back in.

  18. Mr1sailordude says:

    Lucky that place? is a rip off

  19. DorkVader26 says:

    They used to be fun they aren’t anymore. The new? games they are putting out are impossible to sustain play on. I rarely go anymore and when I do if I win $200 I leave instantly.

  20. fireice2037 says:

    People dont understand.? Casinos are for fun. Not for making money. But when you do your happy. Congrats

  21. nick00580 says:

    is it true that when even your a big? winner and you win milions at a night the casino itself makes profit?

  22. BackEddy29 says:

    I like to talk about my wins because I am a huge loser in the Casino. Don’t worry, its real,? but rare.

  23. JennaHaze2000 says:

    $3,000 is not the top prize, so he could have won more or he could? have also won nothing.

    3k is better then Zero

  24. alZiiHardstylez says:

    A $15 dollar spin only wins $3000, for the? amount bet it seems like a small amount in return.

  25. BackEddy29 says:

    Most people brag about how much they win…in practical terms like mine, I have lost a hell of a lot more than I have ever won. I’m basically? a loser in Casino terms, but then without guys like me, how would the Casinos be able to offer you a 5 buck prime rib? Thanks for the comment though. Cheers. B.Eddy

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